Realizing value creating products and services for users is one of the things I am very passionate about. The following projects are the results of that passion.

My Friends Love Gifts


My Friends Love Gifts makes sure you never forget to buy your friend a birthday present. Fill in their interest, swipe through awesome presents and get a reminder to order your gift. Easy as that.

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A lucid dream is when you are aware that you are dreaming, with the ability to control your dream. Everyone can learn it. The steps are simple, but it is not easy. LucidDreamBot changes this, by supplying a supportive community, a personal dream journal and custom reality check reminders.

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Open Habits

Beta Stage

Open Habits started as a personal challenge to realize a mini-startup in a 100 hour marathon. I tweeted the whole process in this Twitter thread. After four days I managed to launch a full fledged web-platform and chatbot. It ended up on the second place on Product Hunt. My tweets reached a 100.000 people on the day of launch and after only a week Open Habits had a community of over 500 users.

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Voice Journal

Open Source

After playing around with the Google Speech API I had $300 of free, but unused credit sitting in my account. It was catching dust, so I set out to built a speech-to-text journal chatbot for Telegram. After a day of coding I launched it on Product Hunt, where it ended on the fifth place.

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